Style Guide

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This page serves as a style guide for reference when contributing to the BUGswarm developer portal. Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns towards barberdt or jedahan. Thanks!


Capitalization of terms should follow the format seen here and on the Ontology page.


Quotations: Prefer double quotations, especially in code samples as this allows for variable interpolation ("${VALUE}" in shell script, "#{value}" in coffee-script).

Naming Conventions

Bug (Labs): The name of the company. Incorrect alternatives include 'BUG' and 'BugLabs'.

BUG: The name of the device. Incorrect alternatives include 'Bug'.

BUGswarm: The name of the platform. Incorrect alternatives include 'Swarm', 'BUGSwarm', 'BugSwarm'.

RESTful API: The type of API used to configure swarms and their resources. Incorrect alternatives include 'ReSTful API', 'Restful API', 'REST API', and 'Rest API'. Note that 'API' is always capitalized.

HTTP: Always capitalized. Incorrect alternatives include 'http' and 'Http'.

Real-time: Incorrect alternatives include 'realtime' and 'real time'.


When contributing to the developer portal, it is important to understand the terms you are working with. For a complete list of the technical terms associated with the platform, visit the Ontology section of this wiki.

Text Formatting

The BUGswarm developer portal makes use of Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework. When contributing, referencing the formatting of the already present pages is generally a good place to start. For any specific questions regarding the formatting of the site and its content, feel free to ask barberdt or jedahan.