A command line interface for Buildkite.
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bk - The Buildkite CLI

Latest release

A command line interface for Buildkite.

💬 Pre-Release Feedback

This is currently a pre-release, and we'd love to hear any feedback and questions you might have. Please file an issue on GitHub and let us know 💖

⬇️ Installation

On macOS, you can install with Homebrew:

brew tap buildkite/cli
brew install bk

On all other platforms, download a binary from the latest GitHub releases.

📄 Usage

# Sets up your credentials (stored in your operating system's native secure storage, using https://github.com/99designs/keyring)
bk configure

# Opens the current pipeline in your browser
bk browse

# List the pipelines that you have access to
bk pipelines list

# Triggers a build for the current directory's commit and branch
bk build create

# Runs the current directory's pipeline steps locally (requires the buildkite-agent to be installed)
bk local run

# Sets up your current git project directory for Buildkite, creating a .buildkite/pipeline.yml file, a pipeline in Buildkite, and setting up the webhooks on GitHub or Bitbucket
bk init

🔨 Development

Developed using Golang 1.11+ with modules.

export GO111MODULE=on
git clone git@github.com:buildkite/cli.git
cd cli/
go run ./cmd/bk --help