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BumpTop - A Multi Touch 3D Physics Desktop

BumpTop is a 3D desktop user interface inspired by real desks using physics, multi-touch gestures to drive towards a more expressive, human vision for computing. You can download it for Mac and Windows or build on top of the source code. Learn more by watching the TED talk.


BumpTop started with a master's thesis and a YouTube video in 2006. A group of University of Toronto grads explored combining 3D user interfaces, touch and physics in innovative ways to push user interfaces forward, beyond the "cave painting" era of point-and-click. BumpTop became a viral hit, gaining millions of views, a supportive fan community, a TED talk and was ultimately acquired by Google to join the Android team.

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Future Development

BumpTop is now open source so that its ideas might live on through future interfaces. We're also including unreleased experimental features we had been working on like an Adobe Flash version of BumpTop (formerly TileUI by Doug McCune) and a version that lets you organize webpages like 3D physical objects that you can hack on top of.

We really believe we’re just scratching the surface of what's possible with the way we interact with technology. As touch and virtual reality interfaces rapidly evolve, we think some of the ideas we explored might be relevant now more than ever. The future of BumpTop is now in your hands, the community of passionate fans and developers of BumpTop who supported our mission of a bold new, physical dimension of UIs since the beginning.

Unsupported Release and Development

Although BumpTop was acquired by Google, this is not an official Google product. We are excited to have folks develop on top of our work and it is presented here under the Apache license but unfortunately the BumpTop team will not be able to maintain it and so contributions to the main product will not be accepted. The code is provided on an as-is, unsupported basis but please fork away!

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