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Zabbix SQL repo

This repo contains a few useful queries for Zabbix database, mostly to cleanup old and/or orphaned data.

Important notes

  • If you have a large database please note that these can take a while (a few hours is normal).
  • Use the queries on your own risk. Take backups first. The queries were (mostly) tested against Zabbix 1.8-3.0.
  • Some scripts are Mysql or Postgresql specific, they're named *.my.sql and *.pg.sql, respectively. Some are also Zabbix version specific. Filenames are self-explaining.
  • Patches are welcome.


Orphaned data

Orphaned data is history which belongs to deleted hosts and similar.

mysql zabbix < check-orphaned-data.sql
psql -A -R ' : ' -P 'footer=off' zabbix < check-orphaned-data.zbx2x.sql

mysql zabbix < delete-orphaned-data.sql
psql -A -R ' : ' -P 'footer=off' zabbix < delete-orphaned-data.zbx2x.sql

Old data

This set of queries allows you to delete all data older than a specified period. Default is 1 week for history, 3 months for trends - edit sql at your own discretion.

mysql zabbix <
psql -A -R ' : ' -P 'footer=off' zabbix <

mysql zabbix <
psql -A -R ' : ' -P 'footer=off' zabbix <

NOTE: due to the way the databases work (Mysql in particular), running these scripts won't reduce Zabbix db size if it's already bloated. You will have to dump and reload the db after that. What the scripts do is keep its size more or less constant if you run them regularly.

Unused data

This deletes all history for disabled items. May come in handy when you disable a significant number of items and no longer need the collected data.

mysql zabbix < check-unused-data.sql
psql -A -R ' : '  -P 'footer=off' zabbix < check-unused-data.sql

mysql zabbix < delete-unused-data.sql
psql -A -R ' : '  -P 'footer=off' zabbix < delete-unused-data.sql

Stop email flood

(Use stop-and-delete-email-alerts.sql if you're not interested in alert history)

sudo service zabbix-server stop
psql zabbix < stop-email-alerts.sql
sudo service zabbix-server start

LLD triggers

Zabbix will create automatically create "Mounted Filesystem Discovery" triggers, which you can't disable or delete from the web interface. These queries will allow you to delete them all at once (disk space and inodes). Inspired by.

mysql zabbix <
psql -A -R ' : '  -P 'footer=off' zabbix <

mysql zabbix <
psql -A -R ' : '  -P 'footer=off' zabbix <


Useful Zabbix SQL queries







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