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This repository contains OpenCV code and documents.

More (maybe) here:


An implementation of various colormaps for OpenCV2 C++ in order to enhance visualizations. Feel free to fork and add your own colormaps.

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Sample code that doesn't belong to a specific project.

  • Skin Color detection
  • PCA
  • TanTriggs Preprocessing


Document and sourcecode about OpenCV C++ machine learning API including:

  • Support Vector Machines
  • Multi Layer Perceptron
  • Normal Bayes
  • k-Nearest-Neighbor
  • Decision Tree

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Eigenfaces implementation using the OpenCV2 C++ API. There's a very basic function for loading the dataset, you probably want to make this a bit more sophisticated. The dataset is available at

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Implements various Local Binary Patterns with the OpenCV2 C++ API:

  • Original LBP
  • Circular LBP (also known as Extended LBP)
  • Variance-based LBP

Basic code for spatial histograms and histogram matching with a chi-square distance is included, but it's not finished right now. There's a tiny demo application you can experiment with.

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Fisherfaces implementation with the OpenCV2 C++ API.

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