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My Emacs configuration, dotfiles and more. Mirror of, might lag behind slightly.
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Sic transit gloria mundi.

Welcome to Göktuğ's Configuration, a work of artisanal love and care aimed at making the personal computer use a joyful activity, instead of endless agony and trade-offs in the era of inconfigurable apps designed with biblical unquestionable dogmas imposed on the users by the people that go by the D-word as their job title. My computer is my atelier, not an exhibition, so I demand that I'm able to touch, move and modify anything in any way.

This repo contains the following:

  • My GNU Emacs configuration tree (emacs.d/)
  • My dotfiles (dotfiles/, xdg-config/)
  • My Debian GNU/Linux configuration (systems/alpha/)
  • My configuration for Raspberry Pi (systems/pi/)
  • And some other stuff.

I've re-created this repository from scratch, removing some secrets for publishing. If you want to use any part of my configurations, you're free to do so, but do not try to use it as is, it's complex and personal, and some additional secret stuff is not included, so it won't work reliably. Just cherry-pick what you want.

Lots of files created by other people are included in this repository, most of the time verbatim. Any file that does not include a statement for its licence terms is probably written by me, and I hereby put all of them in public domain.

The sound file candy/cowbell.wav was adapted from the work of the Wikimedia Commons user I speak so quietly, see here.


alpha System setup

In order to get this configuration running on a vanilla Debian stable installation, run the following commands:

# apt-get install sudo make git python3 python3-distro
# make alpha-init
# locale-gen
# update-initramfs -u

This will trigger a series of shell scripts and make rules which will initialise the system. It should not cause any problems to re-run this command after fixing a failure that interrupts it running in order to complete installation. Make sure an internet connection is available.

This recipe, among other things, will create a user g with uid 1993 and a group of similar identifiers, and assing the user certain groups.

alpha Post-install

The following commands help complete the installation, regardless of the system flavour:

$ make cron
$ update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications/
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle
$ gem rdoc --all
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