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Göktuğ’s Emacs Lisp Bits


This repository is a swarm for all the Elisp stuff I published. Most files will have licence information in it, which don’t are licenced under the MIT licence, whose text is available in the LICENSE file.

What’s here?

Below is a listing of all the programs here:


«Paper» is a little, minimal emacs theme that is meant to be simple and consistent.

It was first intended to resemble the look of paper, but has diverged from that objective. Still, though, I keep calling it Paper, as I like that name.

Paper uses a small colour palette over all the elements. Org headings are specially treated with a palette of equidistant colours. The colours and heading font sizes are calculated using base and factor values which can be edited. See source.

It’s most adapted for ELisp-Org users, as I’m one such user, though it works fine with Markdown, Textile, Python, JavaScript, Html, Diff, Magit, etc.



«pass-listing» is a simple frontend to the pass utility. It uses the functions from password-store.el.


«gk-unilat» is a unified input method for European variants of the Latin alphabet.

It aims to provide comprehensive support for typing characters found in different European versions of the Latin alphabet, in a unified, predictable way.


«gk-greek» is a transliterating input method for modern Greek.

Translates input in Greek latinization into Greek alphabet. Mappings are based on vocal correspondence and common modern transliteration.


This package provides a macro named $ where in its body symbols in the form $N where N is a positive integer are to stand for positional arguments to the generated lambda.

If the car of the body is a vector though, that vector becomes the argument list of the new lambda.

Some examples:

($ (message "Hello, %s" $1))
(funcall ($ (* $1 $1)) 2)
(reduce ($ [a b] (concat a b)) (list "hel" "lo"))

Obsolete packages


Obsoletion notice

/ has been acquired and eventually closed by Apple. Because I no longer actively use this package, I have not found the time and energy to port it to something else. See the contents of issue #48 on Github for reimplementation ideas. If you wish to take over the package and port it; please open an issue once you have a working port, I will help with handing the package over on MELPA./

Package description

«forecast.el» is a weather forecast report generator, currently using data from Dark Sky (but I plan to add other backends in the future).

Unmaintained packages

Non-maintenance notice

/The following packages are no longer maintained by me. If you wish to take over their development, please create a new repository to do so, and if you want to take over the MELPA package, create an issue on Github and I will help with that./


«org-variable-pitch.el» is a minor mode that enables ‘variable-pitch-mode’ in the current Org-mode buffer, and sets some particular faces up so that they are are rendered in fixed-width font. Also, indentation, list bullets and checkboxes are displayed in monospace, in order to keep the shape of the outline.


«bsdpkg» is an Emacs interface to FreeBSD pkg(1). It’s planned to genericise the package to support all *BSD packaging systems, and the module is written with that sort of extensibility in mind.

This is experimental, and kind-of obsoleted as I don’t use BSD at the moment. I’d be happy to accept changes or to hand it over if anybody will be interested.


«bibliothek.el» is a personal PDF library manager. Presently it only displays a concatenated tabular list of PDF files from many locations, and allows to open the files or view metadata from that list. Find below a screenshot of the default view. I intend to add some functionality for moving PDF files around and editing the metadata.


Thanks for your contribution! Please submit a pull request or e-mail a patch. Explain clearly your changes and the rationale for them, and include a clear commit message, prefixed with the relevant filename.

Please base your changes on the devel branch.

Please write your commit message as in the example below:

file-name.el: imperative-mood summary of changes

Optionally further explain the change.


Please mention the relevant filename in your issue title.


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