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Cage: a Wayland kiosk

Cage's logo

This is Cage, a Wayland kiosk. A kiosk runs a single, maximized application.

This README is only relevant for development resources and instructions. For a description of Cage and installation instructions for end-users, please see its project page and the Wiki.

Release signatures

Releases up to version 0.1.4 are signed with 6EBC43B1. Releases from 0.1.5 onwards are signed with E88F5E48 All releases are published on GitHub.

Building and running Cage

You can build Cage with the meson build system. It requires wayland, wlroots, and xkbcommon to be installed. Optionally, install scdoc for manual pages. Note that Cage is developed against the latest tag of wlroots, in order to not constantly chase breaking changes as soon as they occur.

Simply execute the following steps to build Cage:

$ meson build
$ ninja -C build

By default, this builds a debug build. To build a release build, use meson build --buildtype=release.

Cage comes with compile-time support for XWayland. To enable this, first make sure that your version of wlroots is compiled with this option. Then, add -Dxwayland=true to the meson command above. Note that you'll need to have the XWayland binary installed on your system for this to work.

You can run Cage by running ./build/cage APPLICATION. If you run it from within an existing X11 or Wayland session, it will open in a virtual output as a window in your existing session. If you run it at a TTY, it'll run with the KMS+DRM backend. In debug mode (default build type with Meson), press Alt+Esc to quit. For more configuration options, see Configuration.

Cage is based on the annotated source of tinywl and rootston.


For any bug, please create an issue on GitHub.


Please see LICENSE on GitHub.

Copyright © 2018-2020 Jente Hidskes