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Intro to Python

The slides for this course can be viewed here

This is the Girl Develop It RDU Intro to Python course. Material is loosely based on Think Python by Allen B. Downey and written by Caleb Smith

The course is divided into 4 sections. Each of the slides and practice files can be customized according to the needs of a given class or audience.

Development Setup

Make sure you have git installed on your computer, and open a terminal window.

You'll need to clone this repository to your computer:

git clone

reveal.js is stored as a git submodule. To set up the reveal.js code:

cd gdi-intro-python
git submodule init
git submodule update

(Note: Some internet connections (including our class location) block SSH connections on Port 22. If you get an error running the above, edit gdi-into-python/.git/modules/reveal/config and change the line url = git:// to url = and run the above commands again.)

To get the code running, run python from the gdi-intro-python directory.

Finally, navigate to http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.


This is an optional part of running the slides locally. This is only needed if you would like for the browser to reload the slides on save

  • For a livereload server, pip install -r requirements. (If you don't have a full Python environment, there are various other livereload server implementations such as those in Ruby or Node.js)
  • Install the livereload chrome extension.
  • Run the server in a terminal using python and open a chrome to http://localhost:8000/