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Calyptus Life AB

Calyptus Life AB


Updated February 09, 2014 website

Updated February 09, 2014

JavaScript 5 32


forked from sebmarkbage/art

vector drawing for buttons, icons, widgets and all that stuff

Updated January 18, 2013

JavaScript 4 4


forked from sebmarkbage/link.js

Link.js is a module loader and conversion tool. It supports Labeled Modules, CommonJS and Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD).

Updated January 14, 2013


forked from sebmarkbage/calyptus.lob

Calyptus Lob provides Large Object (BLOB/CLOB/...) support for DDD ORMs on the .NET/Mono platforms. Such as NHibernate.

Updated December 28, 2011

JavaScript 0 1


forked from sebmarkbage/ast-js

Provides an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to generate ECMAScript code.

Updated April 24, 2011

JavaScript 0 2


forked from sebmarkbage/art-script

Provides a stub API to easily generate ART Script files (.art.js)

Updated April 24, 2011

JavaScript 1 1


forked from sebmarkbage/art-morph

Plugin for ART that allow you to morph between two paths.

Updated March 23, 2011

JavaScript 1 2


forked from sebmarkbage/art-canvas

Canvas renderer for ART

Updated March 23, 2011

JavaScript 1 1


forked from sebmarkbage/calyptus.resourcemanager

The Web Resource Manager is a server side tool to manage JavaScript, CSS, and other resources for the .NET and Mono platforms. It can be used with or independently of ASP.NET.

Updated November 02, 2010

JavaScript 1 2


forked from sebmarkbage/art-illustrator

This project provides Adobe Illustrator ExtendScripts to export graphics to ART Script files.

Updated June 06, 2010

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