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camunda engine unit test template

This git repository contains a simple example of how to write a unit test for camunda bpm. You can use it for reporting bugs or asking questions in the forums.

The project contains the following files:

├── main
│   ├── java
│   └── resources
└── test
    ├── java
    │   └── org
    │       └── camunda
    │           └── bpm
    │               └── unittest
    │                   └── SimpleTestCase.java   (1)
    └── resources
        ├── camunda.cfg.xml                       (2)
        └── testProcess.bpmn                      (3)


  • (1) A java class containing a JUnit Test. It uses the ProcessEngineRule for bootstrapping the process engine, as well as camunda-bpm-assert to make your test life easier.
  • (2) Configuration file for the process engine.
  • (3) An example BPMN process.

Running the test with maven

In order to run the testsuite with maven you can say:

mvn clean test

Importing the project into eclipse.

If you use eclipse you can simply import the project by selecting `File / Import |-> Existing Maven Projects.