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Driver is experimental !!!

SLCAN like driver for PIC based USB to CAN adapter USB2CAN Triple from Canlab s.r.o. For more info

You can find HW here :

Easy start :

  1. git clone
  2. cd triple
  3. make
  4. sh ./

Start script runs as default this config
port 1 - speed 250K, listen_only false
port 2 - speed 500k. listen_only false
port 3 - speed FD 125k-6M7, listen_only false, iso false, esi false

To kill and unload all sh ./ !!!! Call it before you disconnect adapter from USB !!!!

Tested on Ubuntu 20.04 - kernel 5.13
Tested on Ubuntu 22.04 - kernel 5.15

Prepared Vmware virtual machine Ubuntu 22.04 with precompiled driver in /home/triple/triple, so it can be simply runned using script
also can-utils package is installed so you can use "candump can0" or "cansend can0 ..."
login: triple
pass: triple\

To run this VM you need to install VMware Workstation player :