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brian8267 commented Feb 21, 2021

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To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to 'map engine test'
  2. Press the key 'n' until you get to Tristam.
  3. Wait about 3 seconds '....'
  4. See the fire effects that are on the ground stop animating. This same problem seems to occur on all maps but it's easiest to find in Tristam.

**Expected beha

AJenbo commented Jan 3, 2021

TravisCI is effectively dead when it comes to OSS projects. In December they introduced a new price model and gave each org a one time allotment of 10,000 "credit". For macOS they charge 50 credit per minute (rounded up), with each build taking just over 3 minutes, and each commit running two builds that gave us just enough for 25 commits, or about two weeks before it ran out.

It's possible to

NikoVP commented Jul 24, 2021

This applies to all versions of Diablo

The graphics "bug" has been part of the game since release. Although the game is based on 3d models, the creators have used method that generates shadows for objects. The sprites themselves are painted black and transformed to create the "shadow" and then combined it with the normal sprite. This method works some of the time, but in other cases its quite o

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