Example of using MRuby embedded in iOS to call Objective C from Ruby and Ruby from Objective C
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This is a complete example of using mruby embedded in an iOS app. You should be able to clone this repo and open it using XCode 4 then build and run. It has examples of calling Ruby code from Objective-C and Objective-C code from Ruby.


This example includes a framework called MRuby.framework that was created using the build script found in the ios ruby embedded repo. To modify the Ruby included in this example you will need to have the mruby compiler that can be obtained by building the ios-ruby-embedded project or by building the mruby project.

Files of note:

  • example.rb - This is the Ruby code for the example and has to be compiled into example.mrb before changes will take place.
  • example.mrb - This is the compiled version of example.rb.
  • FooData.h/m - This is an example data class that is wrapped using a Ruby class named FooData.
  • FooUtil.h/m - This is where all the interaction with mruby happens. It coordinates different parts of the examples as well.


MIT to match the mruby license. See the LICENSE file for full license.