A no-frills keylogger for Mac OS X.
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Mac OS X Keylogger

This repository holds the code for a simple and easy to use keylogger for Mac OS X. It is not meant to be malicious, and is written as a proof of concept. There is not a lot of information on keyloggers or implementing them on Mac OS X, and most of the ones I've seen do not work as indicated. This project aims to be a simple implementation on how it can be accomplished on OS X.

Note: This keylogger is currently unable to capture secure input such as passwords. See issue #3 for more information.


Start by cloning the repository and running the proper make commands, shown below. By default, the application installs to /usr/local/bin/keylogger, which can easily be changed in the Makefile. make install may require root access.

$ git clone https://github.com/caseyscarborough/keylogger && cd keylogger
$ make && make install

The application by default logs to /var/log/keystroke.log, which may require root access depending on your system's permissions. You can change this in keylogger.h if necessary.

$ keylogger
Logging to: /var/log/keystroke.log

If you'd like the application to run on startup, run the startup make target:

$ sudo make startup


You can completely remove the application from your system (including the startup daemon) by running the following command (logs will not be deleted):

$ sudo make uninstall

Optional Parameters

You can pass in two optional parameters to the program. The clear option will clear the logs at the default location. Any other argument passed in will be used as the path to the log file for that process. See below:

# Clear the logfile.
$ keylogger clear
Logfile cleared.

# Specify a logfile location.
$ keylogger ~/logfile.txt
Logging to: /Users/Casey/logfile.txt


Feel free to fork the project and submit a pull request with your changes!