Rémy Muller's Zeroconf (Bonjour) objects for MaxMSP, OS X + Windows
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This is a release of Rémy Muller’s zeroconf objects for MaxMSP. The sources are here, including projects for OS X (Xcode 3.2) and Windows (Visual Studio Express 2008).

Both builds are now current. The Xcode build creates Max externals as universal binaries, compatible with OS X 10.4 (Tiger) onwards.


  • The directory cassiel.zeroconf is laid out as a Max 7 package and contains everything except the native binaries, since those (at least on OS X) are bundles, and are rather untidy to check into Git directly. The zipped bundles are in folder zipped-externals. Unpack the OS X or Windows file as required, and copy all .mxe or .mxo files into cassiel.zeroconf/externals.


Windows Issues

  • You need to install Apple’s Bonjour for Windows (known as Bonjour Print Services). Download link here.
  • The Zeroconf objects need a Visual C++ runtime library in order to work. Download link here.

    We’ve also taken the liberty of including the installer package here (since it is, after all, “redistributable”).

OS X Issues

  • I’ve made some slight mods to maxmspsdk.xcconfig - I plant `sdk-build’ at the same level as `zeroconf’ (rather than one level up). Also, there’s an Info.plist for each project, rather than the common Cycling ‘74 one (with Cycling ‘74’s copyright notice and other boilerplate).
  • For both builds, put the `c74support’ directory from the SDK into the same directory as `zeroconf’ - I didn’t want to put this into Github since it’s big and rather untidy.

Revision History

Revisit to prepare zeroconf for Max 7’s Package Manager
Original maintenance port


  • Original code by Rémy Muller
  • This maintenance port by Nick Rothwell, nick@cassiel.com