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This is a silly & simple website for measuring who's dominating a conversation.

Use this at events! In meetings! While watching TV! The possibilities are endless.


When people talk about diversity & inclusion in tech, they often count bodies - what % of women at this company, what % women at an event, etc. But...inclusion is more than who's in the room. Often, in rooms that seem diverse, men still dominate conversations to a large extent.

I'm exploiting the mantra of "what gets measured gets managed" - hopefully, measuring participation can highlight disproportionality & ultimately make room for more voices.


  • Are you a power user?? Avoid carpal tunnel & use the keyboard shortcuts: ⬅️ ➡️
  • Be careful about making assumptions about someone else's gender - this is best for situations where you know everyone or where people have disclosed their gender.
  • This is a side project, and as such, I won't be implementing feature requests. If you'd like to contribute a feature though, I'm happy to discuss in the issue tracker. Keep in mind that I place high value on maintaining clarity/simplicity.
  • If you don't know what github is - hi! welcome! this is a place where people put their code & collaborate on projects, among other things. You can see this project's history, discussions, & contributions.

Steal this code

Gender is only one of many flavors of diversity. Time talking is a simplistic measure of participation. You're welcome to take this code, adapt it, & produce other hacks for inclusion. I wana see what you make - please do share! @cthydng



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