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CATNIP Laboratory

Computational And Theoretical Neural Information Processing Laboratory

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  1. vlgp vlgp Public

    Dimensionality reduction of spikes trains

    Python 46 7

  2. tree_structured_rslds tree_structured_rslds Public

    Tree-structured recurrent switching linear dynamical systems

    Python 33 6

  3. crossFrequencyCoupling crossFrequencyCoupling Public

    estimate cross-frequency coupling (aka nested oscillation or phase-amplitude coupling) for neural signals

    MATLAB 14 5

  4. NPGLM NPGLM Public

    non-parametric inference for convolutional filters in poisson glms

    Python 13 1

  5. latent_dynamics_workshop latent_dynamics_workshop Public

    Exercises and examples for the latent dynamics workshop

    Jupyter Notebook 10 10

  6. vjf vjf Public

    Variational Joint Filtering

    Python 8 2


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