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Celestia Node

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Golang implementation of Celestia's data availability node types (light | full | bridge).

The celestia-node types described above comprise the celestia data availability (DA) network.

The DA network wraps the celestia-core consensus network by listening for blocks from the consensus network and making them digestible for data availability sampling (DAS).

Continue reading here if you want to learn more about DAS and how it enables secure and scalable access to Celestia chain data.

Table of Contents

Minimum requirements

Requirement Notes
Go version 1.21 or higher

System Requirements

See the official docs page for system requirements per node type:


git clone
cd celestia-node
make build
sudo make install

For more information on setting up a node and the hardware requirements needed, go visit our docs at

API docs

The celestia-node public API is documented here.

Node types

  • Bridge nodes - relay blocks from the celestia consensus network to the celestia data availability (DA) network
  • Full nodes - fully reconstruct and store blocks by sampling the DA network for shares
  • Light nodes - verify the availability of block data by sampling the DA network for shares

More information can be found here.

Run a node

<node_type> can be: bridge, full or light.

celestia <node_type> init
celestia <node_type> start

Please refer to this guide for more information on running a node.

Environment variables

Variable Explanation Default value Required
CELESTIA_BOOTSTRAPPER Start the node in bootstrapper mode false Optional

Package-specific documentation

Code of Conduct

See our Code of Conduct here.