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Swordphish Phishing Awareness Tool
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What is Swordphish ?

Swordphish is a platform allowing to create and manage fake phishing campaigns.

The goal of Swordphish is to raise your users' awareness regarding phishing in a secure way.

We believe that it's totally utopian to reach the goal of zero click on a phishing campaign, but we are confident we can reduce the number of victims and overall increase the number of reports sent to security teams by training people using this kind of tool.

Identifying security contacts may be hard in a big structure, that's why we developped Swordphish and a button embedded in the mail client to help our users to report suspicious mail to security teams just with a simple click. No more hunting on the intranet looking for that security contact, just click and it's done !

This choice seriously improved our visibility on what our users are receiving, and we decided to release it to the community!

Swordphish can be used to train people identifying suspicious mails, and it can help checking that people report correctly the mails to security teams.



The detailed installation instructions can be found in the docs directory. You can compile it to HTML after having installed sphinx python package

$docs>pip install Sphinx recommonmark

$docs>make html

Technical Specs

Swordphish is a Python application that relies on the following technologies:

  • Django for the web framework
  • celery for background tasks
  • PosgreSQL for the database
  • Bootstrap for the web framework
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