ElasticSearch cluster deployment on kubernetes
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ElasticSearch cluster deployment on kubernetes


The present project is based on the work of Paulo Pires, thus is highly recommended to review his project and his documentation at https://github.com/pires/kubernetes-elasticsearch-cluster also because I do not provide the entire documentation. The Paulo Pires documentation applies to this project too.

Advantages in this project

  • Support for X-Pack plugin: At this moment the image that Paulo Pires uses does not support X-Pack.
  • Support for default plugins: At this moment the image that Paulo Pires uses is very minimalist. He disabled the default plugins, but this project does not.
  • A new Dockerfile is created based in the official image docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:6.1.1, thus it can be easier to migrate to a new elasticsearch version.



  • At this moment I am not implementing the version Statefulset for k8s
  • I Added a new environment variable ${LICENSE} inside elasticsearch.yml to support self_generated license at this moment if you no provide your own the default is basic.
  • The image is created to work with kubernetes but if you want to execute it with docker run, you must comment the ENV DISCOVERY_SERVICE elasticsearch-discovery inside docker file visit https://github.com/pires/docker-elasticsearch to see how to run it.


Docker Image
cd docker
docker build --tag=k8s/elasticsearch:6.1.1 .
cd kubernetes
kubectl create -f elasticsearch-discovery-svc.yaml
kubectl create -f elasticsearch-svc.yaml
kubectl create -f elasticsearch-master.yaml
kubectl rollout status -f elasticsearch-master.yaml
kubectl create -f elasticsearch-client.yaml
kubectl rollout status -f elasticsearch-client.yaml
kubectl create -f elasticsearch-data.yaml
kubectl rollout status -f elasticsearch-data.yaml

Follow the Paulo Pires documentation to Test It