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A template for creating typescript libraries (and generate static websites) optimized for development in Visual Studio Code.

This project is inteneded as a 'minimal' copy and paste setup covering

  • transpiling and bundling of TypeScript libraries using webpack and TypeScript,
  • unit testing and reporting, e.g., coverage, using Karma and Jasmine,
  • template-based generation of static websites using Jekyll,
  • analyizing the source code using TSLint,
  • generating documentation from source code and markdown files using TypeDoc,
  • as well as various workflow tweaks facilitating development performance.

Even though this template is intended to be as minimal as required it is quite complex (especially for TypeScript beginner). Hence, we strongly advise to carefully read this README.

Quickstart | Prepare, Copy and Paste, Verify, then Modify


This project is optimized with the following environment in mind:

All following steps expect git, vs code, node, and (optional) jekyll to work. You can verify this by opening an integrated terminal in vs code and run the commands git --version, node --version, and jekyll --version (optional). Each should print out the currently installed version.

Copy and Paste

Create a local folder, e.g., ts-init, with a copy of this repository's source code (clone, download, fork, ...).

We suggest to install a set of recommended extensions when working with this template (see .vscode/extensions.json). For it

  • open your project folder in vs code,
  • open the extensions panel in vs code,
  • via the 'more' menu (button with three dots in the top right) trigger Show Workspace Recommended Extensions,
  • install all of the listed extensions and reload vs code.


Before you start modifying your project, verify that everything works out of the box:

  • open your project folder in vs code,
  • open an integrated terminal and run npm install.

This should install all required node packages (see devDependencies in package.json) for the project in ts-init/node_modules.

  • Run npm run-script deploy (this can also be done using the Run-Task command in vs code, more later).

This command triggers a sequence of commands (see scripts in package.json) for a full deployment into the ts-init/dist folder containing a transpiled and bundled JavaScript library, a static website, some test-results, and the source code documentation including this readme.

  • Finally, run .\dist\fiblib.html in the integrated terminal to view the static, generated example website using the transpiled TypeScript library fiblib.js.


General note: start with something that works (e.g., previous step), and customize, modify, and extend this template iteratively in as tiny steps as possible.

If you prefer long debugging sessions by means of trial and error, and like to procrastinate by reading hundreds of forums, blogs, and manuals for days and weeks, you should skip the following documentation covering some aspects of this template's configuration. If not, be reminded that this documentation cannot and is not intended to fully mitigate the overhead that comes with npm, node, ... :P


The following topics will be discussed briefly as soon as possible:

  • jekyll config / deploy - website file names
  • loading data at transpile time using require
  • remarks on tslint and source code analysis
  • remarks on tsconfig
  • remarks on the actual example fiblib
  • remarks on testing and unit as well as coverage reports
  • overal project structure - client, dist, source, test (replicate source etc..)
  • using keybindings and tasks -> tasks.json
  • starting and debugging the library/websites using chrome (restart to trigger early breakpoints)
  • briefly talk about use of bootstrap in this example
  • remarks on cspell, spellchecking

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