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Drill UDF for parsing User Agent Strings.
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Drill User Agent Parser

Drill UDF for parsing User Agent Strings. This function is based on Niels Basjes Java library for parsing user agent strings which is available here:


Using this function is fairly simple. The function parse_user_agent() takes a user agent string as an argument and returns a map of the available fields. Note that not every field will be present in every user agent string.

SELECT parse_user_agent( columns[0] ) as ua 
FROM dfs.`/Users/cgivre/drill-httpd/ua.csv`;

The query above returns:

  "OperatingSystemName":"Mac OS X",
  "OperatingSystemNameVersion":"Mac OS X 10.10.1",
  "LayoutEngineNameVersion":"Blink 39.0",
  "LayoutEngineNameVersionMajor":"Blink 39",
  "AgentNameVersion":"Chrome 39.0.2171.99",
  "AgentNameVersionMajor":"Chrome 39",

The function returns a Drill map, so you can access any of the fields using Drill's notation. For example, the query below illustrates how to extract a field from this map and summarize it:

SELECT AS Browser,
COUNT( * ) AS BrowserCount
   SELECT parse_user_agent( columns[0] ) AS ua
   FROM dfs.drillworkshop.`user-agents.csv`
) AS uadata
ORDER BY BrowserCount DESC

Installation and Dependencies

To install this function, first download the contents of this repository and build it using maven.

> git clone
> cd drill-useragent-function
> mvn clean package -DskipTests
> cp ./target/*.jar <drill-path>/jars/3rdparty

Make sure you replace <drill-path> with your actual path to your drill installation.

Next, you will have to download and build the UA parser. Navigate out of the function folder and:

> git clone
> cd yauaa
> mvn clean package -DskipTests
> cp <path-to-yauaa>/analyzer/target/yauaa-0.11-SNAPSHOT.jar <drill-path>/jars/3rdparty
> cp <path-to-yauaa>/analyzer/target/yauaa-0.11-SNAPSHOT-udf.jar <drill-path>/jars/3rdparty
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