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Midinight Commander syntax highlighting for RUST

For Ubuntu:

  1. Put rs.syntax file to /usr/share/mc/syntax
  2. Add to /usr/share/mc/syntax/Syntax BEFORE unknown definitoins:
file ..\*\\.rs$ RUST\sProgram
include rs.syntax

If you want to help this project

  • Right now we don't have full syntax support. I would be glad to get your PR with extended syntax support.

At that moment we do not support:

// This is syntax madness. In general, we could highlight it,
// but i didn't find such syntax in the reference, that why it looks like quotes.
let x = r###"abcdefg"###;

// content inside the brackets doesn't parse in any special way or parse badly

// it would be nice to colorize fields and their types in structures
struct Foo {
 v: MyType

If doesn't work

  • Make sure, that you use mcedit and not mcview. Right now mcview doesn't have syntax highlight.
  • Try ctrl+s. In mc this key combination -- syntax, and not save
  • Make sure, that pattern is written till unknown in the Syntax file. (it possible to write in begin of file)
  • Make sure, that file ~/.config/mc/mcedit/Syntax doesn't exist. If file exists you need to write configuration inside
  • Perhaps, your mc could use other paths to configs. Read man mcedit about it

If after this steps it still doesn't work you could try to find solution and create PR with problem description and solution.


Midinight Commander syntax highlighting for RUST



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