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For most of the documentation you are going to want to visit Chaijs.com.


Please contact @logicalparadox if you would like to have your plugin included on the website. Alternatively, you can edit plugins.json file at the chaijs/chai-docs repo and submit a pull request.


Helpers are small, custom assertions that accomplish a single goal. IE: not quite intricate enough for a full plugin. If you have build a helper that you would like to share, please include it in the wiki page of user submitted helpers.


  • PRs for new core-assertions are advised against.
  • PRs for core-assertion bug fixes are always welcome.
  • PRs for enhancing the interfaces are always welcome.
  • PRs that increase test coverage are always welcome.
  • PRs are scrutinized for coding-style.

In general, PRs for new assertions will not be accepted. Please implement your assertion as a plugin and follow the directions to get it listed on the Chai website. If the core Chai.js contributors feel your plugin would be better suited as a core assertion, they will invite you to open a PR in chaijs/chai.

All PRs are subject to a style review. Please review our code style guidelines before submitting your PR.

Other Resources

If you have written an article or tutorial about Chai.js on your personal or company blog you are welcome to include a link on our third-party resources page.

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