Tikal Java RoadMap Course
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Tikal Java RoadMap Course


  1. Java: Overview + Inheritance

  2. Java: Collections + generics

  3. Java EE + Maven + Java 8

  4. Exercise

  5. Spring: IOC + Templates

  6. Spring: rest (jaxrs) + web soap (jaxws)

  7. Exercise

  8. Hibernate: Mapping

  9. Hibernate: Session

  10. Exercise

Expectations of the course

As you can see this course is short and covers a lot of material. The idea of the course is more to give you a taste of the information and not a full overview of each technology. In order for the course to be effective you should do all the exercises and read more about the technology on your free time. The more code that you write the more you will learn.

Course Format

The sessions will be hour each week on hangout. Ever few sessions we will get together to do the exercise at the office by tikal. All presentations and information will be available via github.

Previous knowledge

The assumption is that you have written in a previous language. If the language is an object oriented language it is an advantage. We will not focus on architecture thought it will be in the background, and any knowledge in this area is an advantage.

Pre requisites

You need to download the following software for the course

  1. [Java JDK 8] (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html) and above (not JRE) – can be found at oracle site.

  2. [Eclipse IDE] (https://eclipse.org/downloads/) or IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (my preference)

  3. Data base ->


The project will be the same one throughout the course. Each class that we learn we will enhance the project and continue to add to it.

To make thinks simple we will use the domain of motor vehicles and car rental service.

  • In a rental car service there are people that want to rent cars.

  • There are different types of cars that can be rented out.

  • There should be a service that will give out cars to people dependent on some criteria.