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It's a sheep, it's a dolly, it's a following robot. Clone Dolly now!
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Dolly the robot

It's a sheep, it's a dolly, it's a following robot. Clone Dolly now!

Packages for launching Dolly demo, which uses Gazebo and ROS 2.

Dolly city

Dolly has been tested on:

  • ROS 2 version:
    • ROS Crystal: crystal branch
    • ROS Dashing: master branch
  • Operating system:
    • Ubuntu Bionic
    • OSX Sierra (thanks, @Karsten1987 !)


Install instructions for Ubuntu Bionic.

  1. Install the appropriate ROS 2 version as instructed here.

  2. Install gazebo_ros_pkgs, which also installs Gazebo. Substitute <distro> with crystal or dashing:

     sudo apt install ros-<distro>-gazebo-ros-pkgs
  3. Clone Dolly:

     mkdir -p ~/ws/src
     cd ~/ws/src
     git clone
  4. Build and install:

     cd ~/ws
     colcon build


  1. Setup environment variables (the order is important):

     . /usr/share/gazebo/
     . ~/ws/install/setup.bash
     export GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH=/home/`whoami`/ws/src/dolly/dolly_gazebo/worlds:${GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH}
     export GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=/home/`whoami`/ws/src/dolly/dolly_gazebo/models:${GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH}
  2. Launch Dolly in a city (this will take some time to download models):

     ros2 launch dolly_gazebo
  3. Launch Dolly in an empty world:

     ros2 launch dolly_gazebo


This repository contains 2 packages:

  • dolly_follow: Provides node with follow logic.
  • dolly_gazebo: Robot model, simulation world and launch scripts.


  • Set Gazebo paths from launch file
  • Make Dolly's model available to RViz
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