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clang-tools-extra [clang-tidy] Added a couple of tests for misc-static-assert.
compiler-rt Add missing include
dragonegg Update for LLVM API change to make Small(Ptr)Set::insert return pair<…
klee Update the URL to KLEE's new homepage. This is a temporary solution.
libclc Implement atanpi builtin
libcxx Fix race conditions in test class used throughout the std::thread tests.
libcxxabi [libcxxabi] Fix multi-level pointer conversions and pointer to member…
lld [elf] Fix a silly memory leak. std::string has a non-trivial dtor.
lldb Copy paste error in gdb-remote doc.
llvm Mark BumpPtrAllocator::Allocate as returning a noalias pointer.
polly Make -polly-no-tiling work again
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