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Android HTTP Server


HTTP server that can run on an Android device and serve content (content from said device).

Also contains a Service wrapper that can be bound to start/stop/control the server.

(At the time this was written I looked at many small Java HTTP servers but none quite fit the bill, either due to size and dependencies, or just craziness with usage, or bugs/errors on Android, hence the existence of this.)

Created as a plain Java project (with Android jar for stubs) so that standard JVM dev/testing can be done everywhere possible (server contains no Android dependencies, just Service wrapper).


Uses SLF4J.
Plugin the correct logging implementation library at runtime to control logging.
The tests use the SLF4J "Simple" logger, which can be configured with system properties:

If you use the Java system property -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.defaultLogLevel=debug, you will see debug logging, etc.

(NOTE: slf4j works fine on Android, just include slf4j-android -- auto creates log tag.)


Uses Maven.
mvn eclipse:eclipse
mvn clean install

Use on Android

Build it, include the JAR in libs (and include the slf4j android jar, see logging).


Android tests.
Protocol pass in.
Enhancements to server (see TODOs).