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Awesome Chart.js

Awesome Chart.js Awesome

A curated list of awesome things related to Chart.js



Name Description Chart.js v2 Chart.js v3
bar-funnel Adds bar funnel chart type
boxplot Adds boxplot and violin plot chart type
error-bars Adds diverse error bar variants of standard chart types
financial Adds financial chart types such as a candlestick
geo Adds geographic map chart types such as choropleth and bubble map
graph Adds graph chart types such as a force directed graph
matrix Adds matrix chart type
pcp Adds parallel coordinates plot chart type
sankey Adds sankey diagram chart type
smith Adds smith chart type
treemap Adds treemap chart type
venn Adds venn and euler chart type
word-cloud Adds word-cloud chart type


Name Description Chart.js v2 Chart.js v3
annotation Draws lines and boxes on the chart area
autocolors Automatic color generation
colorschemes Enables automatic coloring using predefined color schemes
crosshair Adds a data crosshair to line and scatter charts
datalabels Displays labels on data for any type of charts
datasource-prometheus Displays time-series from Prometheus
deferred Defers initial chart update until chart scrolls into viewport
dragdata Lets users drag data points on the chart
gradient Easy gradients
hierarchical Adds support for hierarchical categorical scales that can be collapsed, expanded, and focused
regression Calculate and draw statistical linear, exponential, power, logarithmic, and polynomial regressions (trend lines)
rough Draws charts in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like style using Rough.js
stacked100 Draws 100% stacked bar chart
streaming Adds support for live streaming data
style Provides styling options such as shadow, bevel, glow or overlay effects
waterfall Enables easy use of waterfall charts
zoom Enables zooming and panning on charts

In addition, many plugins can be found on the npm registry.


Name Description Chart.js v2 Chart.js v3
date-fns date-fns adapter
luxon Luxon adapter
moment Moment.js adapter



Name Description Chart.js v2 Chart.js v3
ember-cli-chart Ember CLI
lwcc Lightning Web Component
ng2-charts Angular v2+
omi-chart Omi
react-chartjs-2 React
svelte-chartjs Svelte
vue-chartjs Vue.js


Name Description Chart.js v2 Chart.js v3
charba GWT/J2CL Java
chartjs-ocaml OCaml
chartjs-ror Ruby on Rails
django-chartjs Django
figma Design components
ipychart Jupyter Notebook
laravel-chartjs Laravel
liquify Fast, multi-threaded visualization of stream data with Angular
nova-chartjs Laravel Nova
quickchart Web API for static charts
wicked-charts Java


Name Description Chart.js v2 Chart.js v3
xhub Browser extension for Chart.js (and more) on GitHub pages


A curated list of awesome Chart.js resources and libraries








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