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Showcase of GitHub repos with Pokémon names.

👉👉👉 Read Story: Building Repokémon 👈👈👈



  1. Scrape a list of all pokémons.
  2. Use GitHub API and search for every pokémon name.
  3. Get a matching repository name with highest number of stars.
  4. 💥💥💥


The showcase only list repositories with these criteria:

  • Repository name matches exactly the same as Pokémon name.
    • name/pikachu
    • name/mr-mime
    • name/mr_mime
    • ⛔️ name/pikachu-awesome
    • ⛔️ name/pikachuuuu
  • Most stars. If there are few repositories with the same name, the one with most stars will be listed.
  • Contains description, because... it has to be descriptive.
  • Contains lang, the repository language determined by GitHub.


  • npm i - install dependencies
  • npm run pokemon - grab the pokémons
  • npm run repokemon - grab the Github repos
    • Copy example.env to .env, configure it with Client ID and Client Secret from GitHub
    • Takes about 30 minutes to prevent API rate limit issues
  • npm run gemoji - replace emoji names like :smile: to 😄
  • npm run min-repokemon - generate a minified version of data/repokemon.json, containing only the data that is rendered
  • npm run stats - show stats of the collected data
  • npm run images - download all pokémon images to data/images (not included in this repo)
  • npm run sprite - generate a sprite image data/pokemon-*.jpg (compressed with TinyJPG API)
  • npm run css-min - compress pokemon.css to smaller pokemon.min.css
  • npm start - start a local server at localhost:1337


Pokémon data and images are extracted from the official Pokédex web site. All Pokémon content is © Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company.

Repokémon is not affiliated with GitHub, Nintendo, Game Freak, or The Pokémon Company in any way.

The logo uses the Pokémon font.

The (Poké Ball) logo is created by @limhenry. Available on Codepen.