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sciolism 2019 for WordPress

sciolism 2019 for WordPress is a port of the Hugo theme sciolism 2019.


sciolism 2019


  1. Download the latest release of the theme or clone this repository and move the files in the wp-content/themes folder of your WordPress instance.
  2. Activate the theme in your WordPress installation.

Features (sciolism 2019 vs. sciolism 2019 for WordPress)

sciolism 2019 features a content focused design and has a lot of features that yield a modern and well performing experience of your website. That said it must be mentioned that the overall performance if used within WordPress does of course depend on the number of plugins installed etc.

In comparison with the Hugo version of the theme there are some differences in the featureset. While the apperance is nearly the same the differences are mostly due to the strict differentiation between plugin and theme functionality.

  • Use of WordPress Dashicons instead of FontAwesome icons
  • Several tweaks to support WordPress specific features (Blocks, Comments etc.)
  • No build-in shortcodes and content-related functions
  • Night mode is not yet included and might be shipped with a future version of the theme
  • There are currently no plans to include a sidebar in the theme

Menus & theme options

sciolism 2019 features two menus in the footer. The first is the main menu thought for the website navigation. The second, side can be e.g. be used to link to your social media accounts. The configuration is done via the customizer on your WordPress installation. There are also other tweaks available which can be accessed via the customizer, too.



  • Increase contrast ratio for meta links and underline them on hover
  • Use h3 instead of h4 on single post pages
  • Added automated browser reload to dev tools


  • Fixed broken JS link
  • Fixed overlap of admin toolbar with header
  • Code refactoring


  • Skip links are shown on focus
  • Show submit button of search form on focus
  • Increase border-color contrast of comment form
  • Visually indicate current page in main menu with an icon


  • Initial release



  • yarn


  1. Download the zip archive or clone the repository to your hugo development environment
  2. run yarn install
  3. run yarn run gulp prepareDev to compile all files required for development
  4. run yarn run gulp dev to auto-update on any changes done to PHP and SASS files

For distribution you can run yarn run gulp make. This will create a dist/ folder ready for production.


This project is released under the MIT license.

It contains software and fonts released under individual licenses:

normalize.css Copyright (c) Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal License: MIT License, Source:

Hack (Font) Copyright (c) 2018 Source Foundry Authors License: MIT and Bitstream Vera license, Source:

Open Sans (Font) Copyright (c) Google Corporation License: Apache License, Version 2.0., Source:

Roboto Slab (Font) Copyright (c) Google Corporation License: Apache License, Version 2.0., Source:

npm-font-open-sans Copyright (c) Enrico Hoffmann License: Apache License, Version 2.0.,

roboto-slab_all Copyright (c) Jan Bednar License: MIT License, Source: