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These are configuration file and how-to document of many linux softwares.
Shell PHP Python C Ruby Nginx
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ansible add ansible doc
apache rename from httpd to apache
aufs add aufs doc
bind add bind docs
c move gdb doc from c/ to gdb/
centos add screen package
chef chef: add chef local mode docs
db2 add DB2 notes
dns add dns doc
docker @ f0488d2 sync docker/vim repo
drbd modify drbd configure
etcd add etcd docs
gdb add debug executable/daemon program doc
gerrit add gerrit+bugzilla
git update git readme
gpg add gpg and my gpg public key
haproxy add ssl in haproxy
heartbeat add another node's config file in heartbeat
http add forward/reverse proxy doc
iptables add iptables
keepalived add vrrp_script desc
kubernetes Revert "remove hostname override in kubelet"
kvm-qemu-libvirt-virtualization add resize image file comment
laravel laravel: new
library add dict cursor to
logrotate add logrotate doc
lvm add lvm configuration
lvs-keepalived add link of keepalived to lvs-keepalived
lvs add implement methods of lvs
mesos initial doc for mesos
mysql mysql: update
nginx update file
opensource-solution add gitlab
openstack add tox usage
pacemaker-corosync add pacemaker-corosync
pptp add pptp client package
puppet add old/new cmd mapping
pxe-install-os add pxe-install-os doc
pypi add pypi mirror doc
python add python internationalization
repository resize wechat pay qr image 2
resources update bash_improve
rpm-package-management update rpm
rsync-nfs-samba update nfs configure file
rsync add rsync doc
ruby update ruby
sar add sar doc
screen update screen doc
shell add IO Redirection doc
skydns update skydns
snmp change encoding
ssh add ssh import
systemd add systemd doc
timezone add timezone
ubuntu update dnsmasq
vim @ 637c289 update to new commit
.gitmodules add docker and vim modules remove sponsor section

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