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🍱 Y Combinator for Non-programmers: A Wild Introduction to Computer Science
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🍱 Y Combinator for Non-programmers

This is the repository for the online course called Y Combinator for Non-programmers by Shu Uesugi.

(It also contains the code for the Japanese version: コンピュータサイエンスと魔法のYコンビネータ)

Blog Post: “You Can Explain Functional Programming Using Emojis”

I wrote about this repo on this blog post. The source code for this blog post can be found here.

Running it locally (English version)

yarn install
yarn dev:en
# Go to http://localhost:9990


License & Credits

  • For emojis, I’m using Twemoji by Twitter (CC-BY 4.0 license).
  • The text for this course is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  • Everything else is licensed under the MIT license.


Shu Uesugi

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