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Chingu Cohorts - Voyage-4 (Bears-Team-12)

Web application to help users find their lost pets, by posting Lost and Found pets

🐶 🐱 🐟 🐮 🐦 🐰 🐸

User Stories: 👦 👧

As an unauthenticated user I can:

  • View a post about a lost pet and a pet that has been found
  • Comment on existing posts
  • Search and post by Location
  • Filter posts by: Pet type, Location, Name, Date

As an authenticated user I can:

  • Create a post for a pet that I have lost
  • Create a post for a pet that I have found
  • Add my contact information
  • Choose to share my contact information
  • Comment on posts

Contributers: :octocat:

Matt Lee 🔸 @TMattLee
Caleb Cox 🔸 @CalebCox
Vered Rekanati 🔸 @veredrec

App Features: 🎯

Must have:

  • View posts about Lost and Found pets
  • Create posts about Lost and Found pets
  • Remove found pet from the list
  • Authentication - Google, Facebook, Twitter and local.
  • Location indicator

Stretch Goals:

  • Adopt a pet
  • Ability to share posts to linked Social Media accounts

Technologies: 💻


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • EJS


  • Node.js
  • Express


  • MongoDB

Team Guidelines: 📃


  • CamelCase for id's
  • kebab-case for Classes
  • Use id’s for JavaScript
  • Use classes for CSS
  • Comments where appropriate for code clarification
  • New line after functions

Trello Flow:

  • Split each user story into technical tasks on Trello, under Tasks.
  • Assign yourself to a task and move card to In-Development column.
  • When work is complete and you made a PR move card to To-Review column.
  • After the PR approved and the branch was merged to Development, move the card to the Done column. Make sure all the subtasks in the checklist are checked.

GitHub Flow:

  • Development branch is the default branch.
  • For each functionality/task - work on a separate branch.
  • The branch would be merged to Development by one of the other team members.
  • At the end of each sprint we will merge Development to Master.