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Unofficial dashboard for the COVID-19 situation in Butte County, California.

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Butte County being my home county, I've been craving insight into the COVID-19 situation affecting my friends and family. Since the official dashboard is fairly light on information, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and build a new one.

The new dashboard contains trends and insights into the situation, including notable events, breakdowns of cases based on hospitals, detailed hospital information, testing relative to the population, and more.

The data is compiled from the Butte County dashboard, State hospital statistics for the county, and other state data feeds, all pulled into a Google Sheets document, compiled, exported to CSV, and translated to JSON. All sources are made available.

This dashboard lives at, and will be updated daily.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Sources's data is compiled from the following sources:

Additional datasets can be found on the COVID-19 Section of the California Open Data Portal.

Data Exports

The following data is made available for others to use:

Dashboard-Specific Data

This data is used to build the dashboard. The structures of the data is subject to change.

School Data

Added October 5, 2021:

Added September 28, 2021:

Added September 23, 2021:

Added August 26, 2021:

Added August 20, 2021:

Added August 15, 2021:

Legacy Data

This data is no longer updated, and is provided for historical reasons.