Configure git to commit as more than one author
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A git porcelain for changing and so you can commit as more than one author.


Install the gem:

gem install git-pair

And here's how to use it! (Note: this reflects the current development version. Run git pair with no arguments to see the instructions for your version.)

$ git pair

  git pair [options]
    -a, --add NAME                   Add an author. Format: "Author Name <>"
    -r, --remove NAME                Remove an author. Use the full name.

Switching authors:
  git pair AA [BB]                   Where AA and BB are any abbreviation of an
                                     author's name. You can specify one or more authors.

Once you've added authors, running git pair with no options will also print out their names, the current pair, and some other information.

Known issues

  • I just shoved everything into a gem. Refactor into separate files.
  • Test coverage is low -- I'm working on a cucumber suite.

Feature hit list

  • It'd be better if you could specify an email address for each author instead of just automatically using the authors' initials. Especially if you have two authors with the same initials. And also because when there's just one author, it should use that person's email instead of an interpolation like Started! Now accepts author names w/ emails, but doesn't yet prompt for/generate an email based on the pairs' addresses.
  • Needs git pair --reset to restore the original and For now, just git config --edit and remove the [user] section to go back to your global config.


Copyright (c) 2009 Chris Kampmeier. See LICENSE for details.