An experimental virtual reality dungeon crawling game built with A-Frame. Designed to work with Google Cardboard.
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Cardboard Dungeon

Play it on Github IO Here

Cardboard Dungeon is an experimental virtual reality dungeon crawling experience. It is designed for use with Google's Cardboard VR headset.

Cardboard Dungeon utilises the A-Frame VR framework by Mozilla.

You can read a series of devlogs about its creation here.

The VR team at Mozilla asked if I'd like to write a case study for their Mozilla Hacks blog. You can read that here.


  1. Navigate to the game in your phone's web browser
  2. Tap the Google Cardboard icon in the bottom right
  3. Place your phone in your Google Cardboard headset
  4. Explore the dungeon!

How to play

All interaction in Cardboard Dungeon utilises the "Gaze" interaction method. Looking at an object for a short period of time will trigger an interaction if one is available. The cursor will shrink to indicate that a "Gaze" has been triggered.


Gaze at the blue spheres to move around the dungeon. The spheres will teleport you to their location.


At your feet is a compass and your inventory. Gazing at the compass will open and close the inventory. Any items you have collected will appear in the slots within your inventory (only visible when the inventory is open).


Gazing at items will pick them up and place them in your inventory.

You can wield items by gazing at the item in your inventory. Gazing at the item in your inventory again will remove the item from your hand.

Gazing at some objects in the world, whilst an item is in your hand, will trigger an interaction.


Play it on Github IO Here

Get in touch

Have some comments or questions? You can get in touch with me on Twitter @chrismwaite.