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The few "debugging extensions" that have been created at Criteo to help post-mortem .NET applications analysis are now available:

  • as a stand alone tool to load a .NET application memory dump and start automatic thread, thread pool, tasks and timer analysis.
  • as a WinDBG extension to get the same level of details plus more commands such as getting a method signature based on its address.

More analyzers and commands will be added as needed.


Most of the code is detailed in the blog series related to ClrMD:

Part 1: Bootstrap ClrMD to load a dump.

Part 2: Find duplicated strings with ClrMD heap traversing.

Part 3: List timers by following static fields links.

Part 4: Identify timers callback and other properties.

Part 5: Use ClrMD to extend SOS in WinDBG.

Part 6: Manipulate memory structures like real objects.

Part 7: Manipulate nested structs using dynamic.

Part 8: Spelunking inside the .NET Thread Pool.

Part 9: Deciphering Tasks and Thread Pool items.

The detailed features are available either as a stand alone tool or a WinDBG extension. More commands will be added as needed.

Source Code

The DebuggingExtensions Visual Studio 2017 solution contains two projects:

  1. ClrMDStudio: WPF application that loads a dump file on which commands to be executed

  2. gsose: "Grand Son Of Strike Extension" for WinDBG that exposes the same commands (and more)

These projects depends on Nuget packages:

  • ClrMD: C# library to explore dump files.
  • DynaMD: C# dynamic-based helpers on top of ClrMD.