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Argdown is a simple syntax for analyzing complex argumentation, inspired by Markdown.

This package provides a Pandoc filter that allows to use argdown-map code blocks in Markdown files. The code blocks can be transformed into web-components or svg, png, jpg, webp images.

Additionally argdown code blocks can be transformed into the web-component with the "source view" activated, providing a simple way to add syntax highlighting. This is only recommended if you export to html and use the web-component anyway.

Otherwise we recommend to use argdown-pandoc-highlighting for syntax highlighting instead.

Please read the full documentation of this package in the Argdown documentation.


  1. Install Pandoc
  2. Install latex (see Pandoc installation guide)
  3. Install rsvg-convert (see Pandoc installation guide)
  4. Run npm install -g @argdown/pandoc-filter
  5. Optionally install the @argdown/image-export plugin: npm install -g @argdown/image-export

Generate a pdf file from your Argdown-in-Markdown file:

pandoc -f markdown --filter argdown-filter -o my-pdf-file.pdf

Generate a html file from your Argdown-in-Markdown file on OSX or Linux:

pandoc -s -f markdown --filter argdown-filter -o my-html-file.html

On Windows 10 you have to use argdown-filter.cmd instead:

pandoc -f markdown -t pdf --filter argdown-filter.cmd -o output-file.pdf

On Windows 8.1 using node filters this way currently does not work (see here and here).