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A software tool set that lets you utilize Zig code in your JavaScript projects.

Consult the project wiki for installation instructions and tutorials.


  • Support for nearly all Zig data types
  • Support for MacOS, Linux, and Windows (both 64-bit and 32-bit)
  • Support for Node.js, Electron, and NW.js (native code execution)
  • Support for Webpack, Rollup, and Vite (WebAssembly)


The major and minor version numbers of Zigar correspond to the version of the Zig compiler it's designed for. The current version is 0.13.0. It works with Zig 0.13.0 and is backwards compatible with 0.12.0.

If you need to use the 0.11.0 Zig compiler, choose version 0.11.2 instead. It supports both Zig 0.11.0 and 0.12.0.

Technical support

If you have questions concerning this project, please post them at this project's discussion section. I can also be contacted at, which also happens to be an excellent forum for finding help on all matters related to the Zig language.