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Protect data, not just systems.

👋 G'day, we're CipherStash

🔒 We protect data, not just systems.

CipherStash is not encryption just at-rest or in-transit — it's end-to-end, searchable, traceable encryption-in-use.

Apply access control directly to your data with encryption-in-use that works everywhere, from SQL to Spreadsheet.

👁 Encryption should be scrutinized

We believe that the only encryption you can trust is encryption developed in public.

Check out our encryption libraries:

🏔️ We're just getting started

Our mission is to protect the digital future.

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  1. Public

    Order-revealing encryption library used by the CipherStash searchable encryption platform.

    Rust 17

  2. envelopers envelopers Public

    Very simple envelope encryption library

    Rust 5


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