A bot that uses RESTful API calls to monitor a conversation for circuit.
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Circuit RESTful bot GET | POST | Webhook


This is an example bot that uses RESTful API calls to monitor a conversation on circuit. The bot will log the most recent items in the conversation, post a new item once it is listening, and then log any new items posted in the conversation.




REST Reference

Other examples of RESTful API's with circuit can be found here.


  1. Clone the respository.
  2. Run : $ npm install.
  3. Rename config.json.template to config.json after adding your client_id, client_secret, url, and the port the bot will run on. The url field should refer to the return url the webhook should send data to. Once you have done so all you need to do is run $ npm start and the bot will begin.
  • Note: The bot must be a part of the conversation it is listening to.
  1. If you want to host this on your local machine you can use something like ngrok to host the bot. For the webhooks just add the ngrok url as the url field in the config.json file, make sure you serve the ngrok tunnel on the same port as the bot.