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Circuit Diagram Components

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This repository contains components created by users of Circuit Diagram.

You can browse the full range of components and see what they look like when used in circuits on the Circuit Diagram Website.

Contributing New Components

Please submit pull requests to this repository with new components you have created.

You can create new components using one of the following:

  1. The Circuit Diagram Visual Studio Code extension
  2. GitPod - an in-browser environment for creating components
  3. The Circuit Diagram CLI with a text editor of your choice

View the documentation to get started making components.


If your component is an alternative design for an existing component, place it in the same top-level folder as the original component. For example, the us_resistor component is an alternative design for the resistor component. They are both in the /common folder of this repository.

If there is no existing component similar to the one you have made, place it in the folder that seems most appropriate.

Style & Guidelines

  • XML should be indented using two spaces
  • The component must have a unique GUID
  • The component file name should be the same as the component name with special characters replaced by an underscore - e.g. Counter (4 bit) -> counter_4_bit.xml
  • The XML file should be placed in a folder of the same name, without the .xml extension
  • If you include an author tag in your component, it should be your GitHub username


Optionally, you can include icons for your component. These should use the existing SVG template and consist of a single <path> element.

If you include a single icon, it should be named the same as the xml file but with an svg extension.

If you include an icon for each component configuration, they must be named {component}--{configuration}.svg.

Component Usage

Components in this repository are automatically included on the Circuit Diagram Website. By making a pull request, you agree to your components being available to use on the Circuit Diagram website.


Library of components for Circuit Diagram.








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