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Icon Transform Text Templates On Build

Automatically transforms on build all files with a build action of None or Content that have the TextTemplatingFileGenerator or TransformOnBuild custom tools associated.


To install Clarius Transform Text Templates On Build, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Clarius.TransformOnBuild

Unlike the officially suggested way, this package does not require any Visual Studio SDK to be installed on the machine or build server.

If a full Visual Studio installation is not available on the build server, you can still transform the templates by placing the TextTransform.exe in a known location. Then, you can simply override the path expected by the targets with:


With that in place, the transformation will be performed using that file instead, if found.

If you would like to pass parameters to TextTransform.exe, define a group of TextTransformParameter items as follows:

    <TextTransformParameter Include="Foo">
    <TextTransformParameter Include="Config">

The Include attribute specifies the parameter name, and the Value metadata element specifies the parameter value.

To access the parameter values from your text template, set hostspecific in the template directive and invoke this.Host.ResolveParameterValue(...). For example:

<#@ template language="C#" hostspecific="true" #>
    var foo = this.Host.ResolveParameterValue("", "", "Foo");
    var config = this.Host.ResolveParameterValue("", "", "Config");


Transform Text Templates On Build




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