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Clean Development Game Engine

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Clean Engine is the work of several friends with an interest in clean coding, self-development, and teaching. Our emphasis is not to publish the next great game engine, though that would be a welcome bonus, but instead to have fun working with best practices and years of commercial experience to create a software package that can be utilised by game developers.

We're not aiming for just collaborators and contributors to learn from this project, we intend for our group of software professionals to stream the majority of the game's development, demonstrating and putting into practice our broad range of industry leading practices, experience and knowledge.

To drive the development of the engine, we will be working on the Clean Living game in parrallel, driving our requirements and pushing the engine's performance to the limits. As a result, there won't always be clear direction on what features will or will not be present in the Clean Living game; we'll be taking feedback and suggestions, implementing anything that sounds challenging or interesting. You can get a feel our roadmap by checking out our waffle page!

What to expect

All collaborators on this project are strong advocates of clean code and agile, and as such will be demonstrating best practices, talking about object-orientated-programming design patterns, SOLID principles, SCRUM methodology, and so forth.

We'll be taking questions and feedback, where possible helping to put developers new to these concepts on the right track.


We're by no means a closed net group. We remain open to suggestions and pull-request contributions to the project.

Our only condition is that Pull-Requests follow the same agile clean-code format on which the project is based! For pull-requests that don't quite meet the mark, we will endeavour to provide constructive feedback in order to remedy any faults and continue the merge. Pull-Requests falling too far short will simply be declined, though we invite the authors to ask for help and try again.

Contact Us

Feel free to send any hate mail to Smudge202, he feeds on your rage! We also invite you to create issues and comment on our existing issues, especially if you would like for us to prioritise certain work over others because it is of interest to you.