Clearbit Python library
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# Clearbit

A Python API client to [](

## Installation

To install the Clearbit Python bindings, run:

pip install clearbit


easy_install clearbit

## Usage

First authorize requests by setting the API key found on your [account's settings page](

`python import clearbit clearbit.key = 'mykey' `

You can also set the API key via the CLEARBIT_KEY environment variable.

Then you can lookup people by email address. If the email's domain is corporate we'll also return a company response.

`python response = clearbit.Enrichment.find(email='',stream=True) `

See the [documentation]( for more information.

## Company lookup

You can lookup company data by domain name:

`python company = clearbit.Company.find(domain='',stream=True) `

If the company can't be found, then None will be returned.

See the [documentation]( for more information.

## Testing

Set the PYTHONPATH env var to the current directory to load the library locally:


## Deploy