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Clever Age javaScript coding style guide.

This config depends on Airbnb coding style guide.


Using NPM:

npm install --save-dev @cleverage/eslint-config

Using Yarn:

yarn add --dev @cleverage/eslint-config

Install Peer Dependencies

Clever Age eslint config need some peer dependencies mainly inherited from AirBnB config. To install it you have to run this command:

npx install-peerdeps --dev @cleverage/eslint-config

Add this to your your .eslintrc.js:

  "extends": "@cleverage"

Differences with airBnB config


'no-multiple-empty-lines': [1, { max: 1, maxEOF: 1, maxBOF: 0 }],

AirBnB’s rules allow 2 successive empty lines but the purpose of a linter is to avoid human debates when reviewing code. To avoid debates on 1 or 2 empty lines, we choose to limit to one only empty line everywhere.


'padding-line-between-statements': [
  { blankLine: 'always', prev: '*', next: 'return' },
  { blankLine: 'always', prev: 'import', next: '*' },
  { blankLine: 'never', prev: 'import', next: 'import' },

AirBnB set this rule to off. We prefer set it to:

  • not have blank line between import,
  • always separate import lines from rest of code by one blank line.
  • always precede return statement by a blank line if not alone in the code block.