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The brew-install project is used to create a brew formula for installing clojure tools on the Mac. The outputs of this project are a tar file (versioned) and a brew formula (clojure.rb), suitable for updating in the brew central tap.

The tar file contains:

  • clojure-tools jar - an uberjar for constructing classpaths via tools.deps
  • deps.edn - a copy of the root deps.edn file (no longer used at runtime)
  • example-deps.edn - the initial user deps.edn file
  • tools.edn - the tool to auto install
  • clojure script - the main Clojure runner
  • clj script - a clojure wrapper for interactive repl use (adds rlwrap)

Updating versions

The clojure-tools version is defined by the pom.xml project version. It should be updated only by running script/update_version (the build does this automatically). The current version is stored in the VERSION file.

The Clojure and tools.deps versions to include in the clojure-tools are taken from the deps.edn.

Package script

To create the packages and installers, run:

clojure -T:build release

Release Information

These files are not released into Maven central like other libraries. Instead, the tar file is created and published to

The Clojure homebrew tap is updated when new releases are created or promoted to stable.

The Homebrew Central Clojure recipe is updated manually so may lag the Clojure tap.


See the following resources for more information:

Developer Information


Copyright © 2019-2021 Rich Hickey, Alex Miller and contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0, the same as Clojure.