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This web site is an open-source repository of content about the Clojure programming language and its greater ecosystem, hosted at


If you wish to point out an issue in the site or propose a new page, you can do so by filing a GitHub issue at

If you wish to make a contribution (typo, modification, or new content), you must become a contributor and follow the contribution process.

Building the Site

The site is built using JBake.

To install JBake 2.6.5:

  1. curl -L -O (or download this file with your browser)

  2. unzip -o

  3. Add jbake-2.6.5-bin/bin to your system PATH

To build the site:

Retrieve the content:

  1. git clone (or your own fork)

  2. cd clojure-site

Retrieve and install the current theme assets (these don’t change very often so you don’t need to do this every time):

  1. curl -O (or download this file with your browser to the clojure-site directory)

  2. unzip -o

Generate the pages:

  1. jbake -b - this will create the static site in the output directory

  2. Run jbake -s to serve these pages at http://localhost:8820/index

Terms of Use

Copyright © 2016-2022 Rich Hickey and contributors

All documentation contained in this repository is licensed by Rich Hickey under the Eclipse Public License v1.0 unless otherwise noted. To submit a pull request or other contribution, you must sign the Clojure Contributor Agreement.


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